Donate to us Here!

       You might have landed on this page because you are a like minded individual, who also loves dance, and believes that art can make a beautiful difference in our world.


       So why donate to dance? Well, if you aren't a dancer then you might not know all the passion, sweat, dedication and endless hours that go into making a dance piece. Most of us dancers do it for the love of dance, but it would be nice to feel appreciated after the hundreds of hours we invest in ourselves to prepare us for the stage! Seldom do dancers get paid, unless you have a sponsor, have a great network of donors, or are an already established company. 


       Donations made here will primarily pay for rehearsal space, and costumes. After that is taken care of, the rest of it will be spread out to all the dancers for all of their hard work. After the dancers get payed, the choreographer gets payed. Thank you for your kind contribution and for believing in the work that we do.


Stephanie is a multi-faceted artist, with an inquisitive mind, distinct passion for learning and a deep commitment to exploration of both new and traditional methods and materials.  Her work is thoughtful and innovative.  Stephanie is a rare combination of dancer, sculptor and clothing designer, and she is committed to exploring the relationships and struggles between Man and Nature, Women and Society, the Individual and Culture.  All of her ambitious work is grounded in dance, and she is dedicated and energetic in her pursuit of art, dance, fashion and how they shape our society. 

Sean M. Monaghan, Lecturing Professor UCSC


All of the work we did in my company dug deep into the psyche asking questions we as women might not necessarily address or talk about daily. This posed many challenges for my dancers mentally and physically, and Stephanie approached these challenges head on, with commitment, drive, diligence, perseverance, and dedication. Stephanie was able to do all that I asked as a choreographer, and she grew overall as a performer while working on my project, Sorria voce esta na Bahia.

Norma Santana, Norma Santana Dance Company, SSA



Stephanie does an excellent job of teaching Afro-Brazilian dance class and breaking it down for the beginners while keeping it fun for the advanced dancers as well. I enjoy the style of dance very much, and would love to take her class again. I would love to learn more about its roots and learn more movements in the future to come.

Ashley Haylett, Saint Mary's College Student